HAVERHILL, MA – Digital Webbing, the Internet’s largest
collaborative anthology series, celebrates its fourth anniversary this October! In honor of the event the publisher has assembled a very special edition of DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #26 to coincide with their annual Mid-Ohio-Con presence, and featuring only regional creators – many of whom will be attending the show for book signings!


“THE PROMETHEUS EFFECT,” written by Ryan Scott Ottney (THE LEGEND OF ISIS), with artwork by Joe Dodd (HUMAN TORCH, MARVEL AGE), inks by Justin Holman, colors by Erik V. Lehmann, and lettering by Ed Dukeshire.

“This is a story I wrote during a particularly bad time of my life, about a
hero who has nothing left to live for,” said Ottney. “It finds him years
after a devastating failure, contemplating the role of heroes in our world,
and he has to find the strength in himself to keep on going. In the end he
discovers what it really means to be hero . but at what cost?”

THE PROMETHEUS EFFECT marks the DWP debut of Ottney and Dodd, joining an exciting line-up of returning fan-favorites!

“THE LAST PALADIN” returns to DWP this month for its third consecutive and
final chapter, written by Ian Ascher, artwork by Mahmud Asrar, colors by
Kieran Oats, and lettering by Ed Dukeshire. The evil wizard Osyrus finally
has the Princess in his grasp and only the Last Paladin can save her but to
do that he must first overcome an ever greater obstacle… his alter ego Dr.
Zack Machin.

“This third installment of THE LAST PALADIN will bring the current story to
a close and set the stage for an all-new adventure in 2006,” said Ascher.
“With issue #26 DWP celebrates its 4th anniversary and I consider it an
honor to be included with such a strong group of fellow creators for this
amazing issue.

Also returning this issue, “THE REVISIONIST: BOMBS AWAY,” written by Chad
Lambert, pencils by Nadir Balan (JUDO GIRL), inks by Jeremy Freeman, and
colors by Mike Langdale. The Revisionist returns for a record fourth
appearance in the pages of DWP. This time, he has to stop an explosives
expert known as ‘Da Bomb’!

“I really wanted to kick up the absurdity factor on this one,” says Chad
Lambert. “Nadir Balan was the perfect artist to pull off a really bizarre
plot twist. I can’t wait to see this one in print”.

“DREAH: FIGHT KNIGHT,” by Sean Dulaney and Ryan Sergeant.

“Sarge’s art on this story is going to blow folks away,” said Dulaney. “They
were raving about the art on EYE OF FIRE, but that was actually drawn back
in the summer of ’03. Everything he’s learned, all the experience he’s
gained since then shows on every page.”

“SHOTGUN MESSENGERS: LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER,” written by Kevin D. Melrose, artwork by Dario Carrasco Jr. (STAR WARS), colors by Rich Hiltbrunner. In this 10-page tale of Western horror, a lecherous gambler sets his sights on a pretty farm girl, only to discover he’s not the predator but the prey.

“I’ve been a fan of Dario’s work for quite some time, so it’s great to
finally be collaborating with him,” said Melrose.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #26 will arrive in shops in October, but you can
order your copy today through Previews catalogue; only $5.95 for this
mega-packed, 56-page anniversary issue!

“There’s a reason that DWP is one of the last standing comic anthologies,”
said DREAH writer, Sean Dulaney. “You can tell the creators are having fun
and it’s kind of wild after four years to still see people discovering the

To further sweeten the deal, many of the creators behind this spectacular
extra-sized issue – including L. Jamal Walton, Kevin Melrose, Ian Ascher,
Ryan Scott Ottney, Chad Lambert, and Sean Dulaney – will be on hand at the
2005 Mid-Ohio-Con (MOC) this November in Columbus, Ohio to promote the book and sign copies!

“The MOC has become sort of a tradition for us,” says Digital Webbing
Managing Editor, Ed Dukeshire. “We have a tremendous gathering there every year, so this year we thought it would be fun to devote that month’s issues to the regional creators who make the show so much fun! It’s a big
anniversary for us, and we wanted to celebrate in style!”