About Us

Hi! I’m Logan DeAngelis. Welcome to PV Comics! PVC is a creator owned and driven group dedicated to bringing you the reader some of the best comics both online and in print. No lofty goals of internet domination, and no corporate masters or middlemen… just 12 creators doing what they do best: making comics! But how did we get here? What mysterious events lead to the formation of this group? Very good questions. If you’ve got a minute pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee for yourself and I’ll tell ya.

In March 2001, a little webcomic called KU-2 launched with little fanfare. It was the story of a child-like alien android who crash lands on the island of Hawaii, and is befriended by a loudmouthed punk from New Jersey. Mixing elements of sci-fi, humour, Hawaiian mythology, and slice-of-life storytelling, KU-2 became a quick fan favorite. This was the first title from Protean Void – my comic label – to appear online, and was written and illustrated by me.

Other comics soon followed, as some friends of mine joined me online under the Protean Void banner… Efrem Alston’s Cartoonin.com, Jay McLeod’s Migrayn, as well as more of my own work. The web, it seemed, was the perfect outlet to share our stories with the world.

Needless to say, we were hardly alone in this realization, and it wasn’t long after KU-2 launched that I discovered Nate Piekos’ fantastic Blambot Comic Fonts. But if I was amazed by the fonts, I was absolutely floored by the Blambot Nexus. A thriving internet community, populated by all sorts of comics folk – from fans to pros, and everything in between. It was a pleasure to find so many like-minded individuals in one place. A perfect place to talk shop after a day at the drafting table.

Pop Quiz! What happens when you lock a bunch of cartoonists in a virtual room for any decent amount of time?!? Strange things. Wonderful things. Goofy things. … Okay, mostly goofy things… but I think you can see where I’m going with this. Then stuff started going on in a smoky back room at the old Protean Void headquarters.

What began as casual banter soon became something bigger. Hey, wouldn’t it be crazy if we joined forces to update together, and charged a really small fee to read the comics? It’s crazy, as they say, but it just might work.

Twelve of the most talented cartoonists on the web came together to form the new PV Comics with one goal in mind: to make the best damned comics we can for you, and provide them at prices anyone could afford. Now without further ado, I give you The Cartoon Illuminati! Car, Coffman, Corona, Deangelis, Ganter, Johnson, Larson, Mcleod, Meredith, Piekos, Stackpole, Taylor.

So let’s recap, shall we? Twelve comic creators working under a common banner to bring you complete stories every week… literally around forty plus pages of new comics every month… all for a nominal fee of a little more than $1 per cartoonist for the year. It’s no get rich quick scheme, to be sure, but we like to think it’s an affordable way for you to enjoy a whole lot of great comics while we make a little something for our labors of love. Now get out of here! You’ve got some comics to read!